What is Installation Art?

In our Installation Art project, we will aim to explore this art form in consideration of the space of our school campus. We will incorporate the components of artistic form, the content of our work, and the context in which our piece exists. The context of our work is especially important in this project.


Artistic Considerations:

FORM: What it looks like, how it is made, the style, the technique

CONTENT: The ideas behind the work, meaning, message, feeling, story.

CONTEXT: Where is the art? When is the art experienced? How is the art experienced? Who is experiencing it?


Installation Art is

  • …when the site or location of the art piece is not a place for the art to be displayed, but it is rather a part of the art piece itself, being an essential contributing factor in its form and content.
  • …the use of context (the specific location) as the central point of inspiration, driving the formal and conceptual decisions of the artistic process.

Installation Art Methods and Styles

(These sometimes overlap)

  • Land Art / Earthworks
  • Sustainable / Environmental / Recycled Art
  • Community Art
  • Urban / Murals / Street Art
  • Architectural Installation
  • Live Art / “Happenings”
  • Site-Specific Performance / Dance / Music
  • Gallery Installation Art
  • Digital Installation / Video / Photo / Sound / Projection / Virtual Reality
  • Kinetic Art
  • Interactive Art
  • Political / Social / Cultural
  • Web / Mobile – Based
  • Inflatable / Fiber / Textiles



  • We will use context (a specific site/location) to drive the formal and conceptual decisions of the artistic process
  • We will develop a project proposal, do research, get project approval, make a plan, and execute our project in collaborative teams
  • We will participate in ongoing documentation and final critique
  • We will present our work to a larger audience


  • How can the site serve as a metaphor for a deeper meaning or experience?
  • How can we inspire viewers to see and experience a space in a new way?
  • What do we want to preserve? What do we want to let go of?
  • What can we do to transform our space in a positive way?
  • How can our installation piece make people THINK and FEEL?


APPROACHES: Ideas on how the installation could be approached

  • Re-arranging existing materials
  • Bringing in materials / Recycled materials
  • Repair / Mending / Beautification
  • Altering the surface (painting)
  • Make a space more functional
  • Sound or Video / Photo Projection
  • Temporary / Performance Happenings: -Music, Dance, Spoken Voice, other.
  • Viewer Interaction / Collaboration


CONTENT: What your project could be about

  • Social experiment involving interaction
  • Bringing attention to a place otherwise ignored
  • Using juxtaposition and contrast to completely re-define a place
  • Using a site as a way to express a personal narrative
  • Social / Political / Cultural questions or statements. Make people THINK!
  • Sustainability / Recycled Materials
  • History of the school and campus



  • Is the work temporary? Permanent? Is it a Happening/Performance?
  • How does the environment effect the installation over time? (help/harm/neutral?)
  • How does the installation effect the environment over time? (help/harm/neutral?)
  • How is it experienced? How is it documented?