Katita Johnson

Introduction to Fashion Design ~ Fashion History (Costume) ~ Fashion Marketing

 Why Teach Fashion?

Fashion is influenced by a historical record of culture and lifestyle, media and entertainment, and economic and political trends. Current events and social issues are often reflected in fashion. Fashion education has invaluable components that shape critical thinkers and innovators and cultivate and nurture talents that inspire a new breed of young designers to join the growing industry of fashion and apparel industry of tomorrow, as it connects the past to future and eras in-between. Fashion design can be traced back to the early nineteenth century when the dress designs were inspired from the dresses worn in the royal courts. However the influences then and current trends date back to pre-historic times.

Yes, fashion should be taught in schools not only for adornment but also as a means of self-expression. It is a form of communication. If fashion is taught in schools, students will develop their own style, increase their confidence, help them adapt to different cultures, and even pursue a fashion career and become successful like other fashion professionals. If fashion will be included in school curriculum, students will not only be taught of how to carry themselves but also how to foster business skills in fashion merchandising.