Digital Collage: Principles of Design

  1. Click this link to read the project objectives.
  2. Read this document and watch this video on the Principles of Design!
  3. Review the Project Rubric!
  4. Watch the video tutorials below before beginning your project (scroll to the bottom of the page!)

The Principles of Design:

There is some discrepancy on what are the ‘official’ Principles of Design are; you can choose any three of the following:

  • balance
  • alignment
  • emphasis
  • repetition
  • movement
  • pattern
  • contrast
  • unity 
  • variety
  • proportion
  • rhythm


  • By the end of this project, you will demonstrate your understanding of the Principles of Design through modifying 3 different high-resolution images with a chosen theme that you download from the internet from an approved source.
  • You will use Adobe Photoshop processes, tools and techniques to digitally modify the images you have selected.
  • You will choose one Principle of Design to focus on for each image, totaling 3 images and 3 Principles of Design. If you design three images accordingly and still have class work time, you will be expected to continue create images and utilize more Principles of design, perhaps combining several in one image.
  • You will also upload your final images in .jpg format to your website and critique your own work and work of your peers. You will also assess your own growth through surveys taken both before and after this project and by using the rubric to guide your learning!



mountain             repetition-mountains-and-clouds

BEFORE                                                                                           AFTER