Here are some art resources and websites that you may find interesting and helpful in your creative explorations. Please add in the comments below if you come across other resources to share!


Art 21: A comprehensive resource for artists, focusing on contemporary art.

BAYCAT: Baycat Academy is a San Francisco-based internationally-acclaimed media arts school. They provide FREE digital media education to underserved youth, ages 11-17 and young adults, ages 18-24, and create a pathway toward employment. They employ their graduates at Baycat Studio, where they partner with professionals to create engaging marketing and media materials for socially-minded organizations.

California College of the Arts (CCA): Our neighbor across the street is a nationally-known school for the arts that has both undergraduate and graduate programs in many disciplines.

The Crucible: This unique industrial arts-based studio is in West Oakland and they use fire to create art! They offer youth classes and scholarships too.

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse: This is like a thrift store for art supplies. They have lots of odds and ends that inspire creativity, and all at a low cost. Sometimes there are really great finds!

Endless Canvas:  Check out this site for a look into street art in the Bay Area.

FIGMENT: An annual FREE participatory outdoor arts event. This year it’s happening in Oakland on Oct. 24 in Mosswood Park.

Free Oakland UP: An Oakland art space that offers FREE materials and is focused on community arts

Juxtapoz: A local, yet internationally known, art and culture magazine with a focus on contemporary illustration, graffiti, photography, art, and design

KQED Art School: Lots of videos and interviews with artists in many disciplines. Also videos on the Elements of Art.

Oakland Art Enthusiast: A home for arts journalism that shares information on contemporary artists, gallery openings, and art studios in Oakland.

Oakland Art Murmur: Every first Friday the area on Telegraph between 27th St. and Grand Ave. becomes an outdoor art walk. It’s free!

Oakland Museum of California: Our city has its own Art museum! It also has a large collection dedicated to California history.

Made by Marzipan: A YouTube channel by a woman who does hand-lettering and typography, loaded with tutorials

San Francisco Arts Quarterly (SFAQ): A free comprehensive magazine on arts and culture, including art programs, upcoming shows, and interviews with artists

tumblr: Yes, a social media site! Many artists use this site to share their work…and this year, you will too!