Printmaking is a type of graphic design too! This is a very broad category that contains many different techniques. Check out the links below to explore what’s out there! Be sure to visit the page ARTISTS AND MOVEMENTS as well!

Guide to Printmaking:


Process Relief Print Intaglio Planography Stencil
Common Name: Woodcut, linocut, embossing Engraving, drypoint, mezzotint, etching, aquatint Lithograph Serigraph (silkscreen)
What Area Prints: Prints what is left of the original surface Prints what is below the surface of the plate Prints what is drawn on the surface Prints open areas of the stencil
Type of Press: Manual pressure or letter press Etching press (clothes-wringer type) Lith Press (sliding, scraping pressure) Original Serigraphs are usually hand screened
Materials: Wood or linoleum block or other film material Copper, zinc, plastics, etc. Limestone, zinc, aluminum plates, etc. Silk, nylon, etc.
Basic Tools: Knife, gouge, burin, etc. Etching needles, burins, acids Litho crayon, tusche, litho rubbing ink, etc. Squeegee, screen, screen blocker (liquid, photosensitive block or film)


Shepard Fairey explains some of the aspects of his printmaking process.


Oakland printmaker Favianna Rodriguez explains her thoughts and artistic process.