Here are some links to help understand ways to pursue areas of inquiry and interest, no matter what your strengths are in learning! As a teacher, I use Harvard’s Teaching for Understanding framework to guide instruction. I will also ask you to use this model when you are conceptualizing your own work. By the time you are a Senior at FADA, you will engage in a thematic project that demonstrates your understanding of a particular area of inquiry of your choice. It is my goal to introduce this type of thinking early on in the Pathway so that you are prepared for independent learning!¬†

What are the four Dimensions of Understanding?

KNOWLEDGE: What facts and information do people need to grasp about this discipline in order to understand it?

METHODS/PROCESSES: How do people in this discipline work? What kinds of things do they need to be able to do in order to learn and practice this discipline?

PURPOSES: Why does this discipline matter? Why would someone need to learn and work in this discipline?

FORMS: What kinds of products and performances do people produce in this discipline?

Link: Dimensions of Understanding