Directions: Scroll down this page and review the objectives and resources before beginning.

Your very first task with Adobe Photoshop is to view this INTRODUCTION TO ADOBE PHOTOSHOP tutorial and complete the Photoshop Shortcut Treasure Hunt! You will receive a paper copy of this treasure hunt to fill out while watching the video. When completed, turn it in and proceed to the next assignment.

In this tutorial, you will…

  • Set up and organize files into folders in your Finder for this Adobe practice project
  • Search and download 3 images labeled for reuse and modification
  • Become familiarized with the Adobe Photoshop workspace
  • Become familiarized with vocabulary and terms associated with Adobe Photoshop and the graphic design industry
  • Begin to use Adobe tools and identify shortcuts
  • Save your files in the appropriate folders
  • Flatten and save your files in the appropriate formats (.psd and .jpg)

You will need:


1. Here’s a brief overview of the workspace:


2. Here’s an overview of the tools:


Here are some more reference guides:

Beginning a Project?

Saving a Project?