DAY 1: Introduction.

Here’s the printmaking slideshow we viewed in class!

DAY 2: Research.

Here is the Printmaking Research worksheet to help you get started on the unit. Click to download it into your DOCUMENTS folder. Save it as YOUR NAME PRINTMAKING RESEARCH. Fill out the digital worksheet and email it to me by the end of class. My email is

Day 3: Tools and Terms

Here is a sheet of PRINTMAKING TERMS to help you throughout this unit. You will receive a hard copy for your sketchbook.

Days 4-8: Monotype

This is a 5-day period for you and your group to explore the method of monotype together. We will briefly go over the roles of Materials Manager, Studio Monitor and Clean-Up Facilitator. You can find this info here: PRINTMAKING JOBS

Then we will observe a demonstration and get to work creating great prints!

Day 9-13: Collagraphy

This next method involves creating a matrix (printing plate) by gluing objects to a surface. We will use found textures to create our matrix. Then we will aim to pull at least 5 great prints from it over these days.