For your January Final, there are 3 components. The total value of your FINAL is 150 points.

1. You will write¬†a 300-500 word essay about your Independent Art Project (“20- Time” or Senior Project). Complete your essay in class during the final and submit it to me at Value = 60 points.

The link to the essay is here: FINAL ESSAY JANUARY

Here’s the grading rubric for your essay: RUBRIC FOR FINAL ESSAY JANUARY

2. You will create and submit a one-page sketchbook goal-setting page for the FORM of your project. Value = 40 points

Criteria (10 points each)

  1. Your goal page includes drawing and writing
  2. You focus on your studio work and the FORMS you will use (various art processes and media)
  3. You make a plan to include the use of at least two different media
  4. You make a plan to develop at least 3 finished pieces (‘studio work’) that are ready for exhibition by May 13, 2016

Some examples:


3. You will submit your PROJECT LOG. Value = 50 Points (10 points per entry, minimum of 5 log entries)