This photography layering project is based on the curriculum that Mz. Tonia wrote and taught at FADA for many years.



We will use digital photography in the Adobe Photoshop program in order to create our photography work. By the end of the project, you will engage in…

  •  A Brief History and Overview of Photography
  • Overview the Basic Mechanics of the Camera
  • Create and take notes on a Photo Composition Pocket Booklet on the compositional elements of photography
  • Create an 8-photograph series of work based on the compositional elements of photography
  • Create a project page on your website with your photographic works

We will overview the basic composition principles of photography in order to learn how to create dynamic photographs. We will use these principles to guide an exploration of photography. We will share our with with the class, and then be tasked with the work of taking at least 50 original photographs, 10 that fall into each of these categories – people, places, objects, abstract textures, explorations – that demonstrate the composition principles and a variety of subject matter. We will create our work with the idea of a story behind each piece. We will present and critique our work and the work of our classmates and talk about the FORM and the CONTENT of our layered photographs.

We will develop proficiency in our Graphic Design skills through using the industry standard, Adobe Photoshop, and by digitally organizing and presenting our work. We will store our works in progress on the hard drive of our lab computers in our DOCUMENTS folder. In addition, we will store our 50 original photos and our 6 final compositions in our cloud storage (such as Google Drive). We will digitally publish all finished work on our website for review and grading.