Welcome to the Digital Art Lab at FADA! Please review the Digital Art Lab rules and expectations and ask any questions for clarification. Then take the survey in the link below.


Click on the links!

Task 1: FADA Digital Art Lab Rules  (also available on paper copy)

Required: Click here to find the Google Form for the Digital Arts Lab Survey! This is graded.


Task 2: Introduction to iMacs Scavenger Hunt. You will receive this document also in paper format. Explore your iMac and find the shortcuts and relevant information! Here’s an introductory video to assist you with important information on using a Mac if you are a first-time user. This is graded.


Be sure to wear headphones! (Alicia has them if you don’t have your own pair).



Here’s another video on more shortcuts if you have time!



Task 3: Finished fast? Browse the oaklandfada.org website and get to know where information is located.