Your ARTIST PAGES are a way to engage with artists who inspire you. The ingredients for the ARTIST PAGES should include both writing and drawing, and may include collage, photographs, etc.

Begin by researching artists who SPEAK to you! This could mean a number of ways. For example, an artist could inspire you through their beliefs, or the way they use materials, or an art movement that they have been associated with…and more!

Choose one artist through your research. You will create a page that is at least 8.5″ x 11″ to be included in your INDEPENDENT ART PROJECT (20-Time or Senor Project).

On this paper, get creative! Use various materials to create your page. Use what you know about typography and design to create a page that is fun to look at.

Be sure to include:

WRITING: Factual information about the artist (i.e. name, stylistic qualities, their influences, art historical period/date of activity). This should be a minimal amount of writing.
DRAWING: Sketches of the artist’s work (at least 3 different works, in whole or in part)

WRITING : Write an explanation of how the artist has inspired you and how you plan on using this inspiration in your own work. This can include the artist’s themes, personal beliefs, art approaches, media, style, etc.

SOURCES: Write down any sources that you used to gather information on this person.

Here are some examples of Artist Pages:

artist page ana mendieta

artist page espc



My sources for this information: